Old Friends

Newer is better. Something is better than nothing. What you don’t know can’t hurt you…. Can you think of some reasons why those colloquialisms are not essentially true? Newer is better. I called a long-time friend today. I’ve known him for sixteen years. He discipled me when I was in high school. He is still […]

Contact – Day Seven

After receiving an email from Anna’s friend in the States, we met this morning to ask how we could apply Matthew 25:31-46 to our lives in order to care for the hungry, naked, sick and dying left in the wake of Cyclone Irina. We surveyed all of Ifanadiana today and discovered there are seventeen families […]

Update 3 – Tsiky’s Eye

  If you don’t know who Tsiky is read here, here, and here… Thanks for praying for Tsiky. We worshiped at his house in AKZ this morning. I don’t know what the infection is under his eye, but it has returned again with a sizable sore underneath. Keep praying that God would take this illness […]


Its more than a week since we drove from the capital city to our home in Antsirabe. When we walked in the door we discovered that our crate was unloaded into our living room, bedroom, Judah’s room, and the hallway. There were boxes, rubbermaid tubs, and action packers everywhere. We took it one day at […]


In October, just five days before we left for Madagascar, we spoke at Antioch Baptist Church, Edgefield, SC about our mission to work with the Tanala of Madagascar. Phillip Howle, the pastor, and I attended college and Seminary together and have wanted to stay connected as we deploy to the field. This evening (11:00 EST) […]