Contact – Day Five

First and foremost we are well and our house is strong. We have some leaks but that is minor when compared to what surrounds us. God is awesome despite any inconvenience we may face. We do not want our situation to bear weight on our desire to stay on task as His witness at the […]

Down On the River

  We played in the river this morning in Ranomafana. We searched for treasure in the rocks below and found a few good stones for skipping. Flat or not, Judah would throw every stone he found. Anjara and Judah love playing in water and have no fear of the river. Anna kept a tight grip […]

Lemur Park

…hey kid, let go of my tail… …great, another toddler that wants to take me home… …can’t see me, not here, can’t see me…

God’s Promise

Anna was cooking in the kitchen and looked out the window over the sink to find an amazing rainbow. Even more amazing was that it was a perfect arch ascending to the bottom of the clouds and descending back to earth. I could not fit everything into frame, so just use your imagination.

Atop Glassy

It continually rains where we live; it is raining even as I type. There are small holes and crevasses in the granite rock on top of the mountain where we live that fill with water and remain filled for several days. Needless to say this is free waterpark for Judah. So atop the mountain we […]

Wagons and Cheese

This is a little late, but on Friday we went to Mountain Park and had lunch by the pond. Lots of family got together to buy Judah this cool 4×4 wagon and it did even better than I expected. The trail takes you on a lot of uneven ground, both ups and downs and side-ways […]

About a week ago Anna, Judah and her parents went to an apple orchard close to where we live. Judah loved the pumpkins and apples, even trying to bite the apple. Apple anyone?

Glassy Sunset

The sky is different everyday here on the Mountain. Tonight was an amazing sunset with the crescent moon shining bright. It served as a reminder why the SC state flag bears that image. Even more that He created, and it was good…