AKZ: All In

All of us are hiking to AKZ Sunday for worship (Anna and the kids included). It is a three kilometer hike one way. The trails are mostly dry now as the rain season has tapered off. Please Pray: For a dry day on the trail. Rain would make this trip very difficult. For sure footing. […]

Year Eight

Today we celebrate eight years of marriage. We have a lot to be thankful for in those years. I am most thankful for Anna who is an amazing helpmate and a rock-star mom to our kids!

Shut Down and Out…

Tim planned a trip to AKZ this week to disciple new believers. According to a list he received on Sunday, there are 23 professing believers in and around AKZ. 14 of these believers have been baptized. The group dwindled down to two committed believers by the end of 2011 and now the group has grown […]

Last Leg

Anna and the kids arrived safely in Johannesburg, South Africa this evening. They will stay at IMB’s guesthouse there, then fly to Mada tomorrow, arriving in the afternoon. Thanks for your prayers during their travel. Please keep praying. We will rest this weekend and then begin our journey home to the rainforest.

Contact – Day Five

First and foremost we are well and our house is strong. We have some leaks but that is minor when compared to what surrounds us. God is awesome despite any inconvenience we may face. We do not want our situation to bear weight on our desire to stay on task as His witness at the […]

Contact – Day Three

Cyclone Irina is slowly moving away from us west towards Mozambique. It wasn’t a powerful storm, only achieving Category 1 status; however, it dumped so much rain that landslides, falling trees and power outages are still occurring. Today is our third day without power here in Ifanadiana. Several power poles were damaged due to mudslides […]

Down On the River

  We played in the river this morning in Ranomafana. We searched for treasure in the rocks below and found a few good stones for skipping. Flat or not, Judah would throw every stone he found. Anjara and Judah love playing in water and have no fear of the river. Anna kept a tight grip […]


While Tim was still in the rainforest the doctor told Anna that baby Norton could arrive any day. For those who prayed that she would wait until Tim could fly into Joburg, your prayers were answered. Baby Norton has decided to wait even longer than the doctor recently predicted, even through today, her due date. […]


We are staying in a hotel tonight because there is no running water at our house. We pump water from a well up to a water tower, then it runs into the house. Tim has been working with a plumber all day trying to solve the problem but there has been more than one: A […]


– It is raining now.– It has rained everyday since we arrived.– When the rain stopped, it only slowed to a drizzle.– It’s the dry season. We are still unpacking boxes, repairing electrical outlets and switches, and searching for that thing in that box that goes with the other thing from another box… Anna is […]