Update 3 – Tsiky’s Eye

  If you don’t know who Tsiky is read here, here, and here… Thanks for praying for Tsiky. We worshiped at his house in AKZ this morning. I don’t know what the infection is under his eye, but it has returned again with a sizable sore underneath. Keep praying that God would take this illness […]

Update 2 – Tsiky’s Eye

    If you’re just tuning in you can follow Tsiky’s story here and here. Tim stayed at Ramano and Lo-lo’s house, Tsiky’s parents, during Cyclone Giovanna last week. Tsiky is doing much better than in recent weeks. He smiles again and will even laugh sometimes. While the residual effects of the illness no longer […]

Kenya Friends

Our two weeks in Kenya is over… Tim finished both of his classes and is six hours closer to finishing his Masters. While in Kenya Tim not only attended classes and took tests, but also we had the opportunity to visit with friends. This is Sandra! We were at training together before our deployment. We […]

On The Move Again…

We just returned from Botswana to South Africa. We visited the Turners who live in Botswana and also serve with IMB. It was about a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg to where they live. It was amazing to see the mountains and countryside of Northern South Africa. The border crossing was interesting. We had to […]

Baby Chloe Beth

While we were in Raleigh last week we also visitedAlex, Beth, and baby Chloe Beth. She was bornOctober 6 at 11:14pm, less than an hour beforeTim’s birthday. How cool would that have been? While we were there Paul Cro, the pastor atJourney’s new Northwest Campus, broughtus Chic-fil-A for lunch. Thanks Crothy! The Harding family is […]

The Discovery: Beyond the Jesus of Flapjacks & Grilled Cheese

A close friend, Josh Via, just finished his first book, The Discovery: Beyond the Jesus of Flapjacks & Grilled Cheese. Congratulations Josh! He and his wife Tasha “travel much of the southeast US leading worship in many different contexts, including churches, retreats, student events and in overseas missions contexts. He is also a songwriter and […]

Digital Media Madness!

Saturday night we held an event called “Digital Media Madness.” It lived up to its name because we took students to the mall with digital cameras and told them to take pictures of signs as part of a scavenger hunt. Who was brain behind this scheme and why do they still have a job?

"Maybe One Day I’ll Get Real With Myself"

So I’m helping Smooth in the space at Journey Church on a sign project for “A New You `08” Campaign back on December 6, 2007. While clipping wire for the yard signs I start to actually think about what Journey hopes to accomplish through this series, “A New You.” I started thinking about what “a […]