CP Tanala Job Now Availible! – Correction

I just received notice that the SECOND CHURCH PLANTER TANALA job is approved and posted to IMB’s list of jobs. There are now TWO WAYS TO SERVE AMONG THE TANALA and join us on mission: 2-3 YEARS through the Journeyman program 2-3 YEARS through the ISC or APPRENTICE/CAREER program    

Contact – Day 15

If you’re just joining us read HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE to catch up on the aftermath of cyclone Irina. Fifteen days have passed since our power cut out (which was restored on Saturday). Twelve days have passed since more than 60 people have died and thousands have lost their homes due to landslides and […]

In the News…

Everyone kept asking about the article in the Baptist Courier which we knew nothing about, so we decided to see what all the fuss was about… You see our really goofy pictures HERE…

All the Kings Horses & All the Kings Men

We were appointed Sunday in Lebanon, OH. It was an amazing service! We also attended the March appointment service at Taylors First Baptist in Greenville, SC and it was PACKED. I can only guess that there were about 900-1000 at the March service with standing room only. Sunday’s service was small with only about 350 […]

Appointment Week

This week is Appointment Week for us. Tuesday we fly to VA for some meetings with IMB. Then, they fly us out to OH where they are putting us up in a really sweet lodge – this place is 5 star! A formal Appointment Ceremony is being hosted at Urbancrest Baptist Church, Lebanon, OH on […]


…So June 8 the International Mission Board voted and recommended us for appointment!!! We will be appointed July 12 in Lebanon, Ohio. … We just got back from Kiawah… Enjoy the pics… Uncle Seth, Cameron, and Josh building the ultimate sand castle. I’ll take those… Kiawah Sunset On the dock enjoying the sunset…

STEP 3.4

I received these TWO emails today… Tim, I talked to your doctor after all. He has no concerns with you living in the location you plan to go to so I went ahead and told your consultant you are cleared to serve there….So, I think your new location will not present any dangers for you. […]

STEP 3.3

We had another interview yesterday with our candidate consultant. Many of you didn’t even know about it because it wasn’t a big one. What is big this week is the Commissioning Service at Taylors First Baptist Wednesday night @ 6:30pm. To sum up, if we resolve medical by May here is a new schedule: June […]


Many of you are wondering why we never make it to the field. We do too, but we are getting really good at this “you’ve been delayed” thing. I received this email today which should provide some insight into the inner workings of our lengthy application process. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Tim, The measurements taken at your […]


…is next week. We will fly to VA for our Candidate Conference. Our week will consist of medical exams/physicals, interviews with Board personnel and meetings regarding the job/location we have chosen. I know this is vague but we will share more as we can. In the mean time, enjoy the mental picture of Tim clean-shaven […]


We went to our Candidate Consultant Interview Friday morning. After working through our written materials and discussing possible job descriptions, we have been invited to the Candidate Conference in December. We will solidify a job description choice by the time of the Conference and will keep you posted.