Let the Pictures Do the Talking…

I work at The Cliffs Mountain Park. Naturally, I have access codes, keys and magnetic swipe cards to the whole place and have the freedom “wander” when I’m not on duty. Sometimes my supervisor likes to join me because our patrol vehicle can’t make it through some of the trails that we have on the […]

Jeep Fun

This was taken at Glassy Mtn. in 2007 You can see the left shock bungeed to the axle. Took over an hour to get him out. Ummm… …yeah, reverse anyone? I don’t want to talk about this one Still don’t want to talk about it; got home in 2wheel over FOUR hours later

My Dad and "Ki-Ki"

Some special people came to visit Judah today. My dad drove up from South Carolina last night and spent today with us in Wake Forest. After breakfast/lunch at Briggs and taking my dad on a trail in the NEW JEEP we spent the day at the house hanging out with Judah. Kym or “Ki-Ki” with […]

Buying a Jeep is Exhausting!

So the Norton family is back to two Jeeps again: a 94 YJ and now a 99 XJ… Today started with Tim sleeping through his alarm and not working on the network at Journey as he promised. Then he arrived late to haggle with the 99 Cherokee owner. This guy would not budge, but the […]

"Maybe One Day I’ll Get Real With Myself"

So I’m helping Smooth in the space at Journey Church on a sign project for “A New You `08” Campaign back on December 6, 2007. While clipping wire for the yard signs I start to actually think about what Journey hopes to accomplish through this series, “A New You.” I started thinking about what “a […]