Labor Day in the Park

Our Sub-Saharan Affinity group got together on Labor Day for a cookout at a nearby park. I think Judah enjoyed the change in scenery from where we stay for orientation. He definitely enjoyed the new slides!

Hot Summer Days…

Judah’s temperature was 103.8 yesterday and 101 today. His Papa Mel said it is viral so we can’t give him any meds, so we’ve been giving him cool baths and Tylenol to bring his temp down… I know when he doesn’t want to play and investigate everything in sight he doesn’t feel well.

Wagons and Cheese

This is a little late, but on Friday we went to Mountain Park and had lunch by the pond. Lots of family got together to buy Judah this cool 4×4 wagon and it did even better than I expected. The trail takes you on a lot of uneven ground, both ups and downs and side-ways […]

Early Birthday Fun!!!

Judah’s FIRST Birthday is Sunday, March 8 !!! A large package arrived by UPS the other day and we discovered that Judah’s Uncle Seth and Aunt Ashley had sent a REALLY FUN TOY… He loves playing with his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home. THANK YOU!!!

Bump, A Real One

So in reply to the comments from the previous post “Bump” Judah actually had his first real bump Tuesday. He fell from the changing table, so off to the ER we went. Being on the mountain and knowing how long it takes responders to get here, I decided to drive to the hospital myself.So Tuesday […]

About a week ago Anna, Judah and her parents went to an apple orchard close to where we live. Judah loved the pumpkins and apples, even trying to bite the apple. Apple anyone?


We took a trip to see Smooth & Kelly Via last week and for our interview with the IMB. This was a much needed time with not only the Via clan but also other friends from Journey as well. Kelly took most of these pictures. I know you just want to see photos so… Judah: […]

Some Fun Photos…

We be jammin…(don’t mind the box of whiskey in the background) He loves this ball… Sometimes when nap time becomes “challenging” we rock in ourPauly’s Island Hammock (thanks Seth & Ashley) and he falls asleep instantly… And I love when Papa Mel makes duck noises…

Bedtime Friends

We found this guy in the hall outside Judah’s room just before his bedtime. I remember the first time I slept here at the mountain and saw a scorpion in my room. I didn’t sleep well that night. Needless to say this one went for a ride on the sewer express… Don’t worry we checked […]