Pray for the Sakalava People

            There are 1.7 million Sakalava in Northwest Madagascar. The city of Mahajanga is the primary urban center, where nearly 250,000 call home.   Please pray: Hearts. Pray that the Sakalava would see their need for salvation. Their hearts are hard so ask the Father to soften hearts. Families. That […]

Pray for Bernard

This is Bernard. He is a President-Fokontany in an area where we are working. He has been faithful to meet with us lately and to help us get the government papers we need to work in his Fokontany and the larger Commune. Please Pray: for our safety and our teammates’ safety each week as we […]

When a Rainforest Runs Out of Water…

We depend on the rain and our gutters to fill our 3,800 Liter cistern. Even we are amazed that the rains can stop for more than 12 days being so close to the end of the cyclone season. To add to the dry times the water system for the whole town has been broken with […]

Mother Care Kits – March 2015

  The Mother Care Kits include rice, beans, salt, soap, oil, lamba and a Malagasy Bible. We spent the last week gathering the items and sorting them for assembly. We made kit assembly a home school service project one morning and the hospital visit a service project for another morning. We set up the items […]

Vohipeno – Followup

Thank you to those who follow us on this site and even pressed in asking us about the situation on the east coast after Cyclone Chezda. Since then another cyclone/tropical storm has struck Toliara, the southwest tip of the island and our personnel there are responding with aid in partnership through a local church. This […]

Disaster Assessment and Response Team- Vohipeno

Though Cylcone Chedza was not classified higher than a category 1 storm it still damaged large regions of the west and east coast of Madagascar. Tim will travel to Vohipeno on the east coast tomorrow to begin assessment of the area to determine if our organization will join in the relief efforts. Much of the […]

Vohitrarivo – Rained Out

Tim visited Vohitrarivo last week and shared the gospel with some of the people there. They were amazed that salvation is a free gift and that we would not charge them for bringing this message. They learned that the catechist in this area has told them that if they do not pay their tithe then […]

It’s Snowing!!!

  It’s snowing right now! Anna is so excited for the kids to see snow while we are Stateside. Judah is running around trying to catch it. Anjara is trying to catch it on her tongue and eat it. Nothing it sticking yet so we are waiting for the chance to make a snow man. […]

Impact Team Evangelism Training

  North Greenville University sends out Impact Teams weekly to communities in the upstate. One of the essentials for these teams is to share the gospel with the people they encounter. I provided evangelism training for the Impact Teams a few weeks ago using a Picture Evangelism Tool developed during our time in Madagascar. We […]

No Water in the Rainforest

I guess we got too comfortable with the rains coming everyday or every few days and forgot to track the water remaining in our cistern. We are out of water in our cistern and have about 150 Liters of water (40 gallons) in the tower so we have virtually stopped using water with exception for […]