Update 2 – Tsiky’s Eye

    If you’re just tuning in you can follow Tsiky’s story here and here. Tim stayed at Ramano and Lo-lo’s house, Tsiky’s parents, during Cyclone Giovanna last week. Tsiky is doing much better than in recent weeks. He smiles again and will even laugh sometimes. While the residual effects of the illness no longer […]


Tim has Strep Throat. He has already started antibiotics and is mobile, but is still having chills and slight fever. He will probably not go to language class tomorrow. Looking back on our time here, we haven’t missed any class due to sickness, only to silly things like “the incident” and our teacher being “ill”.


We received the medical clearance we needed to leave Johannesburg, SA and go home. During our time away from the island we have been able to purchase things like clothes and household goods that just can’t be found on the island. So now the trick is to get everything we brought and everything we bought […]