Tim Preaching Acts 3

The local Baptist church where we worship in Manakara is small with only about 20 adults, 10 youth and more children than youth and adults combined. The pastor who is possibly 60+ years old has been away for a few Sundays taking care of his wife in Tana, the capital city. The church is needing […]

The Feet of SEMAD CP

  After years of hiking in the forest I have tried a lot different kinds of shoes, boots, and sandals. All of them get wet, muddy, and wear on my feet. Last week I joined Washer, another Church Planter on the SEMAD team, to engage the Antefasy here in Southeast Madagascar. I was reminded of […]

The Vezo of Madagascar

  There are two ways to reach the Vezo of Madagascar: Land and Sea. Sometimes their paths are not far apart.   Amazing beauty but difficult access.   Access to the Vezo is affected by the tide and the rain season. We drove a on a clear, dry day not during the rain season. This […]

Teaching Church Discipline

Church discipline may be a foreign term to you. Its not wholly your fault, church leadership has a responsibility to teach the body how to handle situations when professing believers regularly practice private or public sins. Today I am writing a brief lesson for the believers in AKZ so they can understand that believers will […]

Support the Vias in the 11th Hour

  Take a moment to read about Smooth and Kelly, the adoption and their decision to move to Uganda. http://www.thevias.com/our-adoption/ Please consider supporting them as the days are few before they start a new chapter in their life!    

AKZ is Selecting Potential Leaders

  It has been a long week for us here in IFD. Anna and the kids have done every arts & craft, game or activity possible in attempt to stave off “stuck-in-the-house-because-of-rain” madness. The sun came out today so we are basking in the rays and sobering to the reality of nasty humidity. If 100% […]

Making Disciples using SD Cards in Radios

Tim is developing material for a church leadership class this week. The goal is to write the lessons to be used with literate and illiterate believers. It has been challenging to write the lessons in a less-than-technical fashion and in transcript-format so that the lessons can be printed and used in a class for literates […]

Visiting the Sick in AKZ and IFD

  Tim visited on Monday with Ramano and Lolo, believers from AKZ. Lolo is sick and went to the doctor for injections due to a female-related illness. Injections seem to be a favored form of treatment here. They have moved from their hut in AKZ to another in their fields about an hour away. They […]

Care Kits for Mothers

We have wrestled with how to give to others in need that is both culturally appropriate and does not create dependency. We want to give, but not create a long line of beggars at our gate. We also wanted to create a ministry goal for 2013 that focused on evangelism and meeting human needs. Anna, […]