Prayer Request – Mirana’s Health

Please pray for God to heal Mirana who has a health complication that will require her to end her time here in the forest and return to Antsirabe for better care. Pray that God comforts her through this valley and leads her beside still waters again. Pray for her family to encourage her and support […]

Prayer Request – Mirana’s Housing

We helped Mirana evacuate her home during the Cyclone because the river flooded it, damaging the foundation. She has returned to IFD recently and is still living with us. PRAY SHE CAN FIND A HOUSE BY THURSDAY. If she cannot, the lack of housing here in IFD may adversely affect her ability to partner with […]

what is church?

What makes church, church? What are the bare minimums to be considered a church, according to Scripture? The believers of Morafeno have been wrestling with ideas about church, particularly tithing and the felt need for a separate building apart from they hotel they currently meet in. Today Tim taught through Paul’s first missionary journey, stressing […]

Torotosy – Northpoint Baptis Church

We left Friday morning and hiked to Torotosy. Men from the village hiked out to the main road early that morning to carry the extremely heavy and awkward equipment for the Jesus film. The trail is steep, muddy, slippery and very difficult to maneuver in some locations. There are several water crossings as deep as […]


Some have asked (I know, it sounds like Fox News) for more info on our team and work here in Mada. I’ve been moving towards streaming more information through the blog at a snail’s pace.  Our team consists of two families and two Journey girls. The Newton family now lives in the rainforest and has […]

Team Tanala News

Though we are in Johannesburg, South Africa taking care of our medical appointments before we return to Madacascar, God is working on the island in our absence! I spoke with Jeremy, our Team Strategy Leader, today and he said that he baptized an entire family this morning. To add to how awesome this was, Jeremy’s […]