Going Home

Tim’s Church Planting training is finished in South Africa. A lot was covered in the five days of the meeting, most of which is relative to the work among the Tanala of┬áMadagascar.┬áTim flies home to Madagascar tomorrow. We are thankful that he was able to change his flight and come home a day early and […]

A Week in ABE

This truck blocked the road during our trip to Antsirabe. I can’t figure out what he was doing to slide down the mountain backwards that way. I can say with assurance he will be standing in the unemployment line soon. With the road blocked to ABE, I put Anna and the kids on a train […]

Last Leg

Anna and the kids arrived safely in Johannesburg, South Africa this evening. They will stay at IMB’s guesthouse there, then fly to Mada tomorrow, arriving in the afternoon. Thanks for your prayers during their travel. Please keep praying. We will rest this weekend and then begin our journey home to the rainforest.

On the Move…

Anna, Judah and Anjara fly to South Africa on Thursday. They will land in Johannesburg on Friday and stay the night at the IMB guest house. Then they fly to Mada on Saturday. Tim drives to Tana on Thursday. He will pick up the new diesel generator purchased with special gift funds given by Summit […]

Lemur Park

…hey kid, let go of my tail… …great, another toddler that wants to take me home… …can’t see me, not here, can’t see me…


We retreated to the rainforest of Madagascar this past week with other IMB Ms. This was a real treat for some, more like the forest we live in for us, yet a 13 hour drive away. And I’m learning that Ms like their retreats with it’s coffee, cookies, and confessing of the soul… However, a […]

…on the drive home

Tim took this photo on our drive home from the airport. This is a typical village in the countryside. The two story houses seem out of place because that is not the normal style you would see on mainland Africa. We hope to have more pictures soon, Tim is working on it…

Kenya Friends

Our two weeks in Kenya is over… Tim finished both of his classes and is six hours closer to finishing his Masters. While in Kenya Tim not only attended classes and took tests, but also we had the opportunity to visit with friends. This is Sandra! We were at training together before our deployment. We […]

On The Move Again…

We just returned from Botswana to South Africa. We visited the Turners who live in Botswana and also serve with IMB. It was about a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg to where they live. It was amazing to see the mountains and countryside of Northern South Africa. The border crossing was interesting. We had to […]