Small SBC Churches and the GCR

I just finished an article on the GCR website that held my interest long enough to read completely; and written by a guy that’s not in his 50’s too… Getting to my favorite quote… The churches you and I serve don’t want the money we sacrificially give to the Cooperative Program to go to big […]

Household of Sickness

We have had internet for about a week, but did not have time to post until now. I was also told that talking about the weather isn’t interesting either… Thanks Heather. This week Judah was really sick with fever and chills. We tested for Malaria three separate times, all negative. We also tested for Typhoid, […]

The Tubes Are Clogged…

Our internet contract is over and we no longer have access at the house. I've had several instances of opening my browser to check news or learn how to do something and find myself staring at the "cannot connect screen". We are working on a mobile internet solution which will take a few days more. […]


We are just hours back from the villages. The trail is very strenuous and not for the faint of heart. The Holy Spirit was present in the village of Torotosy yesterday and this morning. The Jesus film was shown in Malagasy last night as God answered our prayers to hold back the rain. For a […]

Package Ideas

  Moose, I just got your email and to answer your question and help others with ideas, here are some suggestions… For Judah: The cheese packet from Mac’n’Cheese. (we can get noodles here) Fruit Gerber snacks Fruitchew snacks Sugar free Kool-aid packs Teddy Grahams For Anna: Flavored DECAF tea packets Envelopes of prepared mixes (sloppy […]

Who Needs a Pool…

Judah loves playing in water: puddles, pools, bathtime, and buckets. It takes a long time to fill up his pool so I gave him some toys to play with in the bucket of water. Instead, he threw his toys off the porch and got in the bucket. It was a win-win…

This is the road we take out of the city each morning to school. Our teacher had to leave today so we met with her son for two hours this morning. After class we decided to stop by our favorite restaurant. We have been forming a relationship with Naina, the owner of the restaurant. He […]


We needed curtains made for the office and front entrance so we went to a shop to buy fabric. While Anna waited for them to cut the fabrics, I found a guy with a sewing machine on the street. You can draw the dimensions of what you want, have the seamstress come to the shop […]

Its a Slow Roll…

I’m posting this via email so when it will make it to you, I’m not sure.I’ve been quite reserved in posting about the small details of our lifehere in Madagascar, in part, because I find myself not reading the smalldetails of other’s lives elsewhere. It takes a lot of time to navigateto a page and […]

Ny Zamba Sekoly

Last week we went went to a Lutheran school for the blind. This was an opportunity for us to use our language with the children. Though they could not see us, our limited language skills told them that we were not locals. It was great to see the school challenging these kids in education. Above, […]

We traveled to the rainforest this past weekend. We didn’t know when leaving that morning for class that a tropical depression was making landfall as we were planning to start our 5 hour drive. It rained the whole trip with dense cloud/fog in the higher altitudes causing me to drive a little slower. We saw […]