Contact – Day Twelve

If you’re just joining us read HERE, HERE, and HERE to catch up on the aftermath of cyclone Irina.   Some sections of the road are not being repaired with all the machinery dedicated to a larger break in the road. This is the largest of the washouts but is a small problem in comparison […]

GoodLand Must Wait

Today is the second day of constant rain, sometimes in waves of deluge. The truck slides in the mud just to get to the house. Tim will not being traveling north this week with a cyclone forming in the Mozambique Channel. In other parts of Madagascar driving off-road is truly off-road because the driver can […]


We thought it would rain today which motivated me to pull in a weather image from NOAA 15 this afternoon. Its amazing what you can do with a piece of China-grade coax, the papaya tree outback, a VHF receiver, and a computer.

VHF Satellite Weather Imaging

Jeremy and I talked last week about weather and the lack of relevant weather information available for the rainforest. Forecasting is available for the capital city and two others, but are not close enough to us to matter. This situation is similar to receiving a weather forecast from Raleigh, NC for your day in Greenville, […]