Change in AKZ

Judah is well; Anjara and Anna are not. We seem to be passing around a stomach bug in our house. It started with Tim, next Judah, then Anjara and now Anna.

Tim stayed Wednesday night in the village. He spent Wednesday afternoon and evening asking to record hymns or songs written by the people in the village. A family invited him into their hut and played a “guitar” and sang several songs. They did not write these songs but memorized them from a song book. So the search continues for songs written by people in the village that could be used for our house Bible study time on Thursdays.

Tim spoke to Loa-loa [low-low] and Ramano, her husband, about their faith in Jesus Christ on Wednesday night. This led to a conversation about our team’s end-goal in Ankazotsara, a group of followers of Jesus meeting regularly for prayer, studying the Bible, and worship in song, searching for Truth according to the Bible and not in the traditions of the surrounding culture, churches or cults. THis is a very lofty goal considering the challenges present but we are seeing God change hearts and minds in the people of Ankazotsara, particularly Loa-loa and Ramano.

Tim spent Thursday morning at Ramano and Loa-loa’s home in the mountains (not the one located in the village) north of Ankazotsara. Their home is to be envied as they are surrounded by the crops they planted (beans, bananas, sugar cane, rice, and casava) and have an amazing view of the mountains just above a large river. The river is low so the river crossing was very easy. As the rain season comes, the river will swell making it impossible for Ramano and his wife to cross for several days after a heavy rain. Tim thinks that Ramano could serve as a leader/facilitator for this weekly group but their logistics present a difficulty during the rain season.

Tim facilitated the study in Acts on Thursday afternoon. Last week only three men came; This week we met in Ramano’s home in the village and the house was full with adults and children. All of our regulars attended along with a few new faces. This week’s story was Acts 9:1-16, Saul on the road to Damascus. The group learned that God has the ability to blind a man, convict him of sin and present a man with the choice to follow and obey or remain blind in sin and disobey. Next week the group will finish chapter nine and learn what became of Saul.