Contact – Day 15

If you’re just joining us read HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE to catch up on the aftermath of cyclone Irina.

Fifteen days have passed since our power cut out (which was restored on Saturday). Twelve days have passed since more than 60 people have died and thousands have lost their homes due to landslides and flooding.

Baptist Global Response just approved the food aid project for the Ifanadiana district. The original project spawned from our time of worship at our house the Sunday morning after the landslides and flooding. Tim and others normally worship with believers in the village on Sunday but we prayed at our house that day because the road blocked us from access to those villages.  Everyone agreed that we had to do something, but what? So we went out that afternoon and gave small amounts of rice to those who had lost their houses. Later in the week we assessed all the homes in Ifanadiana and a few surrounding areas. We decided that twenty homes could be considered mostly or completely destroyed. A loss of housing was our criteria for providing further aid which would have given one month of food, blankets, cooking supplies and basic necessities.

As time passed, an individual contacted us wanting to give money to us to use for a relief effort. We replied that they must wait because the road was blocked by landslides or washed away by the river. We could not access the funds even if they made a deposit. Shortly after, the idea to open a BGR project was introduced for funding. As the application process continued, the project changed in scope and scale. The approved project will provide a gift of 10 tons of rice and 2 tons of beans to be distributed to those affected by the landslides and flooding as a result of heavy rains during cyclone Irina.

We are waiting on the funds to be provided. Once received the truck will come to Ifanadiana. Tim will meet the truck at the pass and then meet with the District Chief to finalize the plans for distribution. The distribution may happen as early as Monday of next week.

You can join us in this project through prayer:

  • Ask that the truck makes it through the newly carved pass. There is a new break in the road east of us and the road repair company is moving their machines. A bulldozer will no longer be available to assist large trucks at the pass.
  • Ask that all the believers from Ankazotsara and Ambohibory can join Tim in Ifanadiana on the day of the distribution. The government will do the distribution. Tim and the believers can share the gospel and visibly show God’s love for the Tanala in a difficult time.
  • Ask that we receive wisdom as we make any final decisions regarding the program as it is carried out over the next week.

If you would like to give a donation to this BGR funded project please wait. I am waiting for details on how you may give to BGR so the funds go directly to this project.