Contact – Day 16 Part II

Tim met with the Mayor of Ifanadiana and the District Adjunct this afternoon. The project is taking its final form and will provide aid to 2,000 families in the Ifanadiana Commune. The aid will also provide to villages that have not received any aid since the wake of Cyclone Irina. The distribution will take two days, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

A new development is the possibility that members from the SW Madagascar Team may join us for the distribution next week. If they come, they will assist in evangelism, Bible Storying, distribution accountability, and putting a face on IMB’s work in our home town.


  • that the government will follow through with what they agreed to do with Tim today.
  • that God would be preparing the hearts and minds of those who will hear the gospel on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • that the SW Team can join us for the distribution and has safe travels from the South.


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