Contact – Day 16

Tim meets with the District Chief today to discuss final plans for the BGR Cyclone Relief Project. Please Pray:

  • Romans 13:4 says that government rulers are God’s servants for our good. Though this seems difficult for many to understand because of all the corruption that exists in many governments, ask that God would make District Chief, the Adjunct Chief and their staff His servants to carry out this project to His glory. Pray we are given every courtesy to smooth the way to share the gospel during the distribution
  • James 1:5-6 says that wisdom will be given freely if asked for in faith. We have asked for wisdom as we make any decisions that affect this project. Ask that He give us wisdom as we collaborate with others.
  • Pray for the truck which leaves Tana today to be kept safe on its journey. Pray that the road remains open and no more landslides occur.

I will update this later as results of the meeting are available.