Contact – Day 17

The truck arrived today with 200, 50KG bags of rice and 20, 100Kg bags of tsaramaso (good-eye beans). We are storing the aid in the Commune Office until the distribution on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Tim is looking forward to Tuesday morning when Presidents and Kings of nearly twenty communities will come from the distant villages bringing the lists of those who will receive aid. In exchange for the lists they will return to their distant villages to distribute the aid those listed. Accountability trips must be made later to confirm the arrival and proper distribution of that aid given. For now we are focusing the accountability on the nearby communities who will filter through the Commune office to receive the aid.



We are thankful to the many who helped unload the 12 tons of aid. They unloaded the truck in about 45 minutes.


















Please pray:

  • That the final planning for the distribution is done with His wisdom.
  • That the SW Team has safe travels to join us here.
  • That we are bold in proclamation of the gospel during the distribution


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