Contact – Day 24

The distribution for the Baptist Global Relief Cyclone Relief Project is finished. God gave us favor before and during the distribution with the local government officials. In every encounter He gave us wisdom to make decisions for the good of those who truly needed help.

Members of the Southwest Mada Team joined us a few days before the distribution for planning and final preparation. They stayed with us in our house in the rainforest. The project would have been extremely difficult for us to complete in time without the SW Team’s help. Thank you SW Team!

The preliminary count is in. 3,500 people received food from this distribution. 1,100 of those each received 5Kg of rice and 1 Kg of beans. The remaining 2,400 received a different amount according to the area they lived in as decided by their local government officials. The count is not final. Tim must verify that lists of names who would receive aid in distant villages are genuine. He will begin visiting some of the distant villages when he returns to Mada in April to verify the lists.

Thank you to everyone who prayed and/0r gave to the project!

Currently, we are in South Africa for a meeting and medical appointments. Anna and the kids are visiting the States soon as Tim returns to Madagascar. This post will remain for the duration of our stay in South Africa. We will likely not post again during the next two weeks.


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  1. WOW…double WOW how fortunate for those who live there to have your input and wisdom from above! May blessings continue to pour in and goodness abound! Mell and Di

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