Contact – Day Seven

After receiving an email from Anna’s friend in the States, we met this morning to ask how we could apply Matthew 25:31-46 to our lives in order to care for the hungry, naked, sick and dying left in the wake of Cyclone Irina. We surveyed all of Ifanadiana today and discovered there are seventeen families in our town who lost their homes, some even lost family in the flooding and landslides. Baptist Global Relief has been contacted as a possible way to provide aid for the families. Before we take any action we have one more family to meet with and must also meet with the government aid director in order to ensure our aid does not overlap the assistance given by the government.

Because of the scale of the aid we want to give we are moving forward while seeking the counsel of those in ministry around us to ensure our helping is not actually hurting.

Please Pray:

  • that He tells us clearly who to help and how.
  • that He give us wisdom when making decisions in all facets of our life.
  • that the administration requirements to partner with BGR move swiftly.
  • that we hear the wisdom of those in ministry around us as we move forward to love others around us.


2 thoughts on “Contact – Day Seven

  1. Anna, You just don’t know how often you are on my mind. Please know I am praying for you and your sweet family. I visit with your mom almost every Sunday at church. I get updates and give her hugs. I share with Julia about the mission work you all are doing and she prays for you each night. I’ll write again soon. Love you!

    Mary Beth

  2. I love the wundermap radar site. I have zoomed in as far as I can and I can see the roads and village. I can pray over you all and feel a little closer.. Please tell little Judah Happy Birthday from GiGi with hug and kiss. Praying for all that you have above. Love mom

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