Contact – Day Three

Cyclone Irina is slowly moving away from us west towards Mozambique. It wasn’t a powerful storm, only achieving Category 1 status; however, it dumped so much rain that landslides, falling trees and power outages are still occurring.

Today is our third day without power here in Ifanadiana. Several power poles were damaged due to mudslides and fallen trees. The power lines are still laying in the middle of the road near the market. One family set up their market table on top of the fallen power lines because a small tree provided shade there.

The main road was partially blocked yesterday due to a tree about two feet in diameter. Large transfer trucks could not pass and lines of vehicles formed on either side of the tree. Tim spent Thursday afternoon cutting, winching and clearing the tree from the roadway.

Rumor says that new power poles are coming tomorrow but this is Madagascar; Its a slow roll… Until power is restored we use a small generator two hours twice a day to keep the fridge and freezer cold. I would say we are being “green” and economical but we are not. Gas is $6.50/gallon here (IFD) and the genny has a drinking problem. We shamelessly burned $26 in fuel yesterday, but plan not to do that again. We will keep you updated as the power and cell tower allows.

3 thoughts on “Contact – Day Three

  1. The good news I hear is that you are safe so far. yet not able to get out to get supplies, and being in the dark with the little ones. Thanks Tim for helping all around you as well as your family. thanks Anna for enduring all the power outages with games and such for them. I am praying for things to get much better for you all. love mom

  2. Anna, so glad your Mom and Dad came to our church and shared with us what you and Tim are doing in Madagascar with their slides, pictures and items from that area. They are so proud of you and what you are doing to spread the gospel. Our Church is praying for your family.

  3. So glad you are ok. Praying for your strength and endurance as you help those around you.Love you!!

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