DAY 12

We still have no running water at the house. We have rain barrels that are fed from our gutters; the overflow goes into a cement cistern. We have already used the three barrels behind our house and are now dependent on the two barrels in front of our house. A new pump has been purchased in Tana and will be brought down this afternoon. The plumber will return from his personal travels to see his son and begin the installation of a new pump on Saturday.

We have not yet made this our home because there are still unpacked boxes in every room. We were advised to stay in a “hotel” until the house is actually ready to live in, but the nearby hotel has dribbling water itself and a 15’x15′ room. Simply put, it is almost more challenging to live in hotel with a toddler than a home without running water.

We were talking yesterday about how we have gone into a survival mindset and have not been concerned with the needs of others, let alone unpacking boxes. Our goal was to be settled and ready to begin a routine of life and ministry by the third week. As the second week is nearly over, we have reset our clocks for “later”.