DAY 18

We live in a time relative culture where arriving 15 to 30 minutes after the agreed time is acceptable; however, Tim is now unsure just how much one can beg from an “appointment”. He woke at four this morning for a 4:30 rendezvous with the plumber who was to take public transportation after the meeting 1 1/2 – 2 hours away  for parts needed to replace the piping. After waiting for an hour and even speaking to him on the phone, he never showed. The plumber called around 10 this morning saying that he would like to come by this afternoon at 4pm without giving any further explanation. So how late is late in this culture? We are not certain anymore.

The J-girls went out with Mirana and Fred this morning for a day trip to nearby villages. It is raining really hard right now so I imagine they are trying to keep their footing in the mire that is the foot path out of the villages.

Tomorrow Heather (a J-girl) will give us the reports about each village they have visited. Info, pictures and stories will be hosted on the site so that you can begin to see a collective whole of the work we are doing among the Tanala.

One thought on “DAY 18

  1. I think America especially is so time oriented that we forget the rest of the world is not. Actually I think its just everyone is in a hurry here which is a fresh reminder that God is in no hurry at all. I’d consider it refreshing to know that time is of less importance there. Bummer on the plumbing, but hey get rain barrel, use a leaf and enjoy your time while you are waiting.

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