We are finally in our HOME in the rainforest. Yes, it is raining very hard right now; and it’s the dry season…

We arrived Monday around 4:30 and lost daylight about 5:45. The truck was completely unpacked by 7pm. We celebrated Anna’s birthday at the Hotel Christo (about 15km away)with Heather and Cara, our J-girls. The girls made a brownie birthday cake. Anna even blew out candles. Overall, a very american birthday.

Today, we walked in circles aimlessly, played guessing games about what was in the unlabeled box, and met some of our new neighbors. Tim spent the day with two plumbers trying to discover why you have to run the sink to give water to the toilet and the washing machine. Occam’s Razor didn’t apply to this situation because rocks and dirt were also blocking the pipe. Anna tried to make a kitchen out of a mound of boxes but did not win. Judah roared like a lion as he ran throughout the house discovering all the new rooms. At one point he even climbed the boxes in the kitchen to stand taller than daddy.

It has been a LONG journey to get here, but there is new journey that awaits us in the villages to the north of our home. Pray for our transition to another new place that will truly be our HOME. Pray for Judah that he would adapt well and make new friends. Pray that we would find a new nanny for Judah who is as loving and trustworthy as Vololona. Pray that we would have team unity too.