DAY 25

Tim returned from the villages yesterday. He was muddy and smelled like a gym locker, ugh. The team assessed Kiajanomby, the village farther north, on Tuesday afternoon and returned to Amandrovany. They assessed Amandrovany Wednesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon, Tim storied with some of the children and the few adults who attended. He thought he was prepared to read and teach the story in Malagasy, but was given a Malagasy Bible of a different translation. Many of the verbs and phrases were different, and seemingly more difficult than what Tim had studied. The children laughed at him as he read and sounded out the new, longer words. Realizing that Mirina, a Malagasy missionary we partner with, was not available to help translate, he forged on with with his prepared questions in Malagasy.

This situation emphasizes our desperate need to learn the language well in order to communicate to the heart’s of the people we meet. Several people have told Tim that he is progressing well in the language; however, he confesses that there is so much that he still does not know, hearing new vocabulary and phrases with every conversation. He admits that sometimes he is completely lost, apologizes for not understanding, and asks for them to repeat what was said only to discover that it is something outside of his vocabulary base. Though our official language study is over, we still have much to learn and need His help.

To give a broader picture of the trip: Heather shared her testimony in Malagasy; Cara found babies to hold and cuddle while conversing with the mothers about health concerns; Mirina translated and hosted games for children; and Rivo preached as if his feet were held over a flame. I don’t have an exact count (Heather does), but at least 100 people heard the gospel in the two days we hiked out. In time, the information gathered from Amandrovany and Kianjanomby will be hosted on pages dedicated to each individual village.