– It is raining now.
– It has rained everyday since we arrived.
– When the rain stopped, it only slowed to a drizzle.
– It’s the dry season.

We are still unpacking boxes, repairing electrical outlets and switches, and searching for that thing in that box that goes with the other thing from another box…

Anna is almost finished with the kitchen. It has wood countertops with cracks and gaps that now have old food in them… I think a re-sand and varnish is in order or tile…

Tim is still working with a plumber to fix our toilet. We are waiting on a part from Fianarantsoa, about 1 1/2 hours away. The plumber tells a taxi-brousse (big van) driver what to get in Finar, then you pay when he brings it back. Too easy… He already brought one part back, but we need a smaller connection so now he is searching for the converter.

Judah likes the new house. He really likes the big yard to play in. The rain doesn’t stop him from having a good time. He and Anna played in the rain today. When he came in he insisted on giving Tim a hug and soaking him too.