We are staying in a hotel tonight because there is no running water at our house. We pump water from a well up to a water tower, then it runs into the house. Tim has been working with a plumber all day trying to solve the problem but there has been more than one: A kid left the outside faucet on leaving no water in the tower, new parts have broken and the pipe underground is clogged. No water can be pumped up to the tower. Tim and the plumber will dig up the yard tomorrow morning to find the problem.

Anna and Judah will remain at the hotel until the water issue is solved. Anna was excited today because Tim found the hose clamp needed to connect the gas to the stove, but she wont be cooking much without water. And Judah is still excited about his big yard to play in.

TODAY is our six year anniversary.

A year ago today we were in Ohio for our appointment to IMB. We were staying at a really nice lodge that had an indoor waterpark. They had a lot of water.

One thought on “DAY 6

  1. Happy Happy anniversary! Wow, sounds like you guys are having a bit of a difficult time. Praying that things will come together for you as you move into your new home.

    I bet you don't want as much water as the Great Wolf Lodge has…then your home would be flooded. Maybe a bit less would suffice, right?

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