Driving South With a New Calendar

Our March calendar was wiped clear with Tim’s fall. After our meeting with Ms from several islands and other countries in Sub-Sahara Africa we are starting our journey home to the rainforest. The doctor told Tim this morning that the MRI is clear and x-rays show no break. He must continue using crutches for two more weeks to allow the muscles and tendons to heal before beginning physical therapy exercises at home.

Once in the forest we will start again at recording the lessons for the discipleship class. Once complete, we hope to go back to the villages to complete the lessons and reminding them that we are leaving. The time is coming for the believers in the village to stand in faith alone, without the presence of any outside encouragement coming from us when we are Stateside.

Please Pray:

  • for Tim’s ankle and foot to heal quickly to get back on task soon.
  • for MANY Ms on the island as they are in traveling the roads.
  • for wisdom as we re-order our calendar for ministry.