…dry in Fohabe

This is late, but i told myself i would post a followup. We did go to Fohabe the day after the rain. The trail was passable, with only a few very slick spots. This is what we learned on our trip:

+ They still have not put the roof on the school.

+ Before June 26, their Independence Day, the stills are fired up to make toka-gasy (moonshine) for the party.

+ I can prepare a lesson for teaching, but my national partner may teach his own lesson instead.

+ Boots are better than sandals for hiking.

+ We cannot form relationships of trust if we never visit them.

The trip was successful because we are able to follow the progress of the school project. The school project may not be a success yet because of the people’s fear. If they continue to pay the witchdoctor to protect them, there will be no money for the teachers to educate the children of Fohabe.