Everyone Likes a Story

Anna and I are flying from Dayton, OH to Atlanta. As the flight attendants are serving beverages and have not yet made it to our row, I noticed we begin to rapidly descend. The flight attendants are still serving, but still I’m curious. Anna isn’t thirsty and I have a water. Just then, the pilot comes on the intercom and in the background I hear Darth Vader breathing (someone is using oxygen). Now I know something is wrong. The pilot says, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected smoke in the cabin and have requested an emergency landing with ATC.”

To keep this short, we were not told where we were landing or what the exact problem was. As we landed we were met by several fire trucks and emergency vehicles which escorted us to a terminal. Comically, we were instructed to “calmly exit the plane.” We did, waited for a while and then learned we would continue our journey to Atlanta by bus. I as I exited the plane, one of the pilots told the fire crew that an instrumentation panel “popped, and then started smoking.”

I have to admit I was disappointed that we didn’t get to use the emergency slides; I hear they’re really fun. We also decided to forgo the news crew interviews that were waiting for us at baggage claim. Too funny…