Fatherhood and Coffee Grinders

What do fatherhood and coffee grinders have in common? Yes, this is a trick question. The answer depends on when you would have asked me throughout our pregnancy with Judah. But lets talk about coffee for a bit first.

I really like coffee – and I need to clarify my terms because some people think that Foldgers, Maxwell House, Seattle’s Best, and Nescafe are in the same league as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, you well respected local roasters, and (saving the best for last) Caribou Coffee. There is a world of difference between the two categories listed above – and if you can’t denote that difference then you can’t comment on this post. (just kidding) Even within the latter category there is an upper echelon.

There was once a time in my life when all coffee was the same and a coffee grinder was merely a concept in the mind. I knew about coffee grinders, had seen them in stores, and had a general idea of how they worked, but any kind of connection to the idea was still foreign. However, in the past four years that foreign concept has moved from a remote category in the mind to an integral tool that I use to prepare my coffee on a daily basis. We’re not only talking about the ability to control the coarseness of a grind but also the science behind mixing together and balancing two different roasts during the grinding process. I am no stranger to coffee grinders to say the least…

When I first thought of Anna being pregnant the thought of being a dad and the concept of fatherhood was just another category in the mind like the coffee grinder. And just like I knew about coffee grinders, I had a dad growing up so I knew
about what dads should do and how they interact with their children but didn’t know what kind of father I would be. I knew that as months passed during the pregnancy something would have to change, a transition would have to occur in order for me to embrace the idea of fatherhood. One of the biggest transitions occurred on December 6, 2007 that rearranged my head, literally. (There isn’t a better time to think about and pray for your wife and unborn child than when your on a stretcher in the ER.)

And sometime along the way between then and the time of Judah’s arrival I purchased the concept of fatherhood and made it my own. I won’t carry on everything that my father practiced and I won’t be perfect, but I’ll be dad, and I’ll be there for Judah.

So to answer my own question – Fatherhood and coffee grinders go hand-in-hand. There is nothing better than holding Judah while sipping on a cup of Caribou!