Gearing for the Grind

Anna drove to Antsirabe for us yesterday. She is improving her skills driving a manual transmission. A few times she would downshift from third to second unnecessarily and the truck would jolt as the engine and transmission tried to compensate for vast difference in RPM. Life here in Mada is sometimes like the relationship between the engine and transmission. We have had our jolts here and there will certainly be more, but I think our experiences are helping us mitigate the impact.

We are returning to the rainforest after taking Mell and Seth to the airport in Tana, the capital. We have some transition ahead of us as Vololona [loo-loo] moves to the rainforest to help Anna with the kids. We are excited to welcome her and Anjara, (yes, the same name as Juliana) her son, to Ifanadiana. We hit the ground running with Malagasy school on Monday morning and Tim working on several small projects for this week in addition to teaching in Ankazotsara on Thursday. Anna will spend this week with Loo-loo establishing a schedule with the kids and prepping Judah to attend school in Malagasy twice a week.

Pray for Heather who is living in Ankazotsara: health, the Bible study in John and relationships with women.