Getting Plugged In

We are back on power now. (have been since Monday am) If you’re curious, the A/C was the first thing I turned back on. We faired better than last weeks group who had 95+ degree weather all weekend. We had rain all day Saturday (as I’m sure you all did) and overcast skies for most of Sunday which kept things cool.

Despite our “no power” policy, the fire alarms worked well! We woke up Sunday morning at 3:30am to our fire alarm going off. Without hesitation I jumped out of bed, put on [enough] clothes, grabbed a blanket and ran for Judah’s room to find him awakening stunned by the VERY LOUD alarm. Unprepared, I rushed out our door with Judah in arms to the lobby. The alarm was two times louder now and there were intense strobing lights. Judah looked at me in distress, so pressing his head into my chest and covering his ears, I ran out of the building.

It was a false alarm due to a faulty sensor. We were given the “all clear” and went back to our room to get some sleep… …then the fire trucks come rolling in. So I explained that the security guard turned off the alarm and allowed us back into the building. So back to our room once more, and for the last time, for some awesome sleep.