Glassy Mountain Some of Us Have Jeeps (That Run), Some of Us Don’t 2008

So the trip starts with Anna, Judah and I towing one rig with the other from Raleigh, NC to Laurens, SC. With respects to having a three-month old in the Jeep, I advise against ever doing that again. Otherwise, the XJ proved mighty and Judah was a great traveler! Once we spent a few days seeing family we went to Glassy where our friends joined us for Jeepin’, relaxing by the pool, and hanging out. The Guys (Fro, Smooth, Jason, & Tim)The Gals (Tasha, Kelly, Sarah, & Anna)
My Rigs (97 XJ & 94 YJ)
Fro grabbing some rock in my XJ!Jason grabbing some rock in his Rubicon!Smooth… Well, I’m not sure what Smooth was going for here. For more stories including the one of how my XJ ended up in this hole visit Smooth & Kelly Via’s Blog.And when we couldn’t make it up a hill Jason would…
And after a long day of Jeepin’ (for some driving blindly into holes) we enjoyed ice cream @ the top of Glassy Mountain on the granite bald. A blurry picture but you get the idea.

On Saturday, Fro, Tasha, Smooth, & Kelly all left by mid afternoon so Jason, Sarah, Anna, and I went Jeepin’. Here we are on I-25 N heading into the hills to go play.
We found several trails to ride on and ended up hiking to a waterfall that is not too far from Camp Awanita & Camp Wabak.
That same afternoon my brother, Michaeal and his girlfriend, Ashley arrived. Michael just graduated from Lander University and is serving in Financial Management with Provident Community Bank in Laurens, SC… (shameless plug to say that I’m proud of my brother)

And saving the best for last, remember that granite rock that we ate ice cream on? Yeah, I got the t-shirt…