go, no go…

Judah is sick with fever and very lethargic. If his fever elevates more we will test for Malaria; however, no IMB in Madagascar have gotten malaria in the last three or four years. Pray for Judah to recover quickly and that we know clearly how to treat him.

The plan was to go to Ankazotsara today and sleep there but with Judah’s illness I am waiting until 3pm to determine if I go. If it is nothing serious I will go and come back tomorrow.

I did not have the voice recorder yet so I will not record Tanala worship songs in the village this week. The goal is to record the songs, write them, translate them into English, and learn them to sing for worship if appropriate. We want to know the songs’ origins before we agree to use them for our worship times. If, for example, these songs have been loosely associated with the Malagasy traditional religion we will probably not use them.

The Tanala song project is an effort to encourage Tanala to write their own worship songs and not rely on hymns that have been imported from other cultures and languages. I have no intention of carrying my Baptist hymnal into Ankazotsara and teaching them how to sing “Amazing Grace.” Great lyrics, but they’re not from the heart of the Tanala.

2 thoughts on “go, no go…

  1. Anna,
    I am praying for Judah and for you. I can’t imagine being where you are with a sick child. But I can believe that God understands and is holding Judah close to Himself through this time of fever and uncertainty.

    Love hearing about the work that you and Tim are doing. Saw pictures that your mom had of Mell and Seth’s visit.

    Will remember you and your family as you continue to seek and heed God’s directions on your work field.


  2. I’m sorry Juda is sick. I pray his fever has broken or will soon.
    The flower is beautiful. I know you are glad spring has arrived and to have such a beautiful flower in your yard. Take care and let us know abut Juda.

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