Good Morning Ridgeview!

Sunday morning (Sunday night for us) we Skyped LIVE with Ridgeview Church, Greer, SC. They are receiving the Lottie Moon Christmas offering in a few weeks. This was an awesome opportunity for the church to connect with IMB missionaries on the field.

One of the questions Tommy Hargrove, the pastor, asked was, “How does our giving help support [your going to the Tanala people of Madagascar]?” I’m glad he asked that question for Ridgeview because it gave us a chance to share how that money is used here in Madagascar. Right now, your giving places us here in the city to learn Malagassy – one of the foundations on which we will be able to communicate the gospel to the Tanala. Within less than a year, your giving puts us in the rainforest in a logistically difficult place to reach and will be able to share the gospel in their heart language.

Thank you for giving.