GoodLand Must Wait

Today is the second day of constant rain, sometimes in waves of deluge. The truck slides in the mud just to get to the house. Tim will not being traveling north this week with a cyclone forming in the Mozambique Channel. In other parts of Madagascar driving off-road is truly off-road because the driver can actually create his own path through the bush. Here in the forest there is only one paved road and a few tertiary roads cut through the woods. Tim is forced to use the road before him, regardless of how rutted-out it is from the larger trucks. With the excessive amount of rain, Tim will spend more time pulling cable than actually driving north. His timing for trip could not be clearer – not this week – pray that we hear His timing for going north.




One thought on “GoodLand Must Wait

  1. We are praying for you all to get a break from these storms, and for all of your safety. love you all so much

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