home and then gone…

Tim made it home safely from Turkey last week. He got home later than expected because he was so ill with infection in both ears and showing flu-like symptoms. He is much better now, but still cannot hear fully in his left ear.

We are spending this week gearing up for the rest of the year. That sounds strange I know, but we are looking ahead through December to discern what God has for us in the next nine months. Part of this involves solidifying personal goals for the year. For example, Tim wants to grow in his Malagasy vocabulary so he is committing to study a certain number of minutes several days each week. For Anna, she wants to begin forming relationships with the mothers that nearby, part of which will demand from her more language learning. In all of this we are asking the Lord to help us grow up in our language so we can reach out to others. (yes, i stole the phrase from journey church, ripping it completely out of context)

Next week we travel to joburg for a general meeting and have set up our health check-ups to be done there. We will use this time to get the kids seen by a pediatrician (as i doubt there is one on our entire island) and Tim will see a guy about his knee that has been flaring up on the trail. Pray for our travels and transition (yes, more transition) and that we would see the opportunities to share that are always around us and seize them.