Household of Sickness

We have had internet for about a week, but did not have time to post until now. I was also told that talking about the weather isn’t interesting either… Thanks Heather.
This week Judah was really sick with fever and chills. We tested for Malaria three separate times, all negative. We also tested for Typhoid, Amoebas and another I forgot. The test was positive for Amoebas which according to the doctor can present symptoms like many tropical illnesses. We began a treatment and he was back to normal on Wednesday.
Last night, Tim said he wasn’t feeling well. This digressed into fever, chills and a sore throat. He was up all night with reoccurring cycles of fever, chills and sweats. We tested for Malaria this morning which was negative. We also requested the same blood analysis that Judah had. Results come back this afternoon. As we wait, Tim is feeling slightly better and was functional enough to drive, but is really weak.
Anna is doing well and has done great to care for her two boys and baby girl. Oh, yeah, I haven’t mentioned that yet. We are having a GIRL!!!
We only have two weeks of language left before we move on July 5 (Anna’s Birthday). Pray that we recover from the illness and can start this week well and can finish our time here without more interruption.

3 thoughts on “Household of Sickness

  1. Oh I hope your boys are feeling better! I am so excited that you all are having a girl!!! Congratulations!! Miss you guys!

  2. Great to see you guys back in the blogging world again. Not great that you guys have sickness in the family. BUT – GREAT that little Baby Norton is a GIRL! Oh man oh man!! Anna, I know you are excited, and Tim, I can already envision how quickly she's going to have you wrapped around her little finger. SO EXCITED!! I can't wait to tell the girls.

    Praying for quick recoveries and a healthy momma and baby GIRL there for you guys!

  3. Hey congratulations on baby girl. It will be fun having so many having babies in Joburg. You will have to come for several game nights. Hope you are all well by now. Love, Di and Larry

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