How do You Make the Most of a Cyclone?

Another cyclone is in our neighborhood and dumping torrential rains on us. With no way to stop the rain for the kids to play, we decided turn our summer toys into a way for Judah and An[z]ara to make the most of what we have in abundance – rain….rain….rain…








2 thoughts on “How do You Make the Most of a Cyclone?

  1. So beautiful love those pics, and love those babies. Please stay safe. Mema was awake this am. She had 2 stints put in and is still in CCU, please Pray for her and for all of us to have strength. We are suppose to have 2 inches of rain today, sure that is not near what you all see. Hug all love all Prayers for all. Mom

  2. OH MY WORD! Stop the pictures. I cannot believe how OLD your children are looking! Tell them they need to stop growing…like, now…at least until I can see them again 😛

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