Hunting With the Tanala

Akanga [Ah-kahn-gah] is a wild, pheasant bird a little larger than a chicken the Tanala hunt for food in the forest. It tastes like chicken too. On Tuesday a Hands-On team taught True Love Waits to students in AKZ while Tim went with several believers from the church to hunt Akanga.

The lesson was well received with many committing to God to live in His plan for saving sex until marriage. As the Hands-On team finished the lesson in the village, Tim shot an Akanga on a mountainside nearby. As Tim and the hunting party were walking home, he twisted his ankle and heard a snap. He fell to the ground in agony. He swears that he did not cry; the absence of crying is yet to be confirmed by the hunting party.

The sun had already set behind the mountains and daylight was almost completely gone. With a kilometer to go to the village and Tim unable to put any weight on his foot, several men took turns carrying him on their back. It was night when they arrived in AKZ. A child ran ahead of them telling the Hands-On team Tim was shot. The Hands-On team was relieved at the sight of his foot learning that he had not been shot. They ate dinner and rested for the night knowing the following day was going to be a challenge to extract him the 3Km back to Kelilalina.

The following morning several men gathered with poles, a rickety chair and some used rope to construct a chariot of sorts to carry Tim out of the village. The team ate breakfast which included the Akanga from the hunt. Then Tim pridefully, begrudgingly sat in the chair and the men took off hurriedly toward Kelilalina.

Within the first ten minutes of the rescue, 11 men from AKZ had joined the extraction party, taking turns in teams of three to carry Tim. When they reached the fallen tree to cross the river, Tim hopped on one leg as someone behind him held his waste to give balance. A few times men lost their footing, rocking the chair sideways while Tim grasped tightly onto the poles to keep from falling. The 3Km journey can be completed in 35 minutes without a pack and hiking fast or an hour if loaded down or not in a rush. The men carried Tim out in 1 hour, 15 minutes.

When they arrived at the vehicle on the roadside, no one in the Hands-On team knew how to drive a manual transmission. Tim had someone cut a branch down to use for pushing the clutch in order shift gears. They managed to get to 3rd gear and drove the 15Km back to the house.

Once at the house, the team watched the kids while Anna drove Tim to the hospital for x-rays. The images showed NO BREAK. He is on meds, icing and elevating his foot at home. Please pray:

  • a prayer of praise that Tim’s foot is not broken. The snap Tim heard was loud and he was convinced it was broken until he saw the x-ray.
  • for the swelling to subside, the pain to dissipate and for a quick return to full mobility.
  • for the men who humbly served Tim, treating him as part of the community by carrying him out like any other sick person from the village.


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  1. I probably shouldn’t have laughed out loud at parts of this update, but I did. Tim, I am SO SORRY you got hurt, but very much appreciate the mental picture you allowed me to paint with your words of the whole situation. Speedy healing! 🙂

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