Its a Slow Roll…

I’m posting this via email so when it will make it to you, I’m not sure.
I’ve been quite reserved in posting about the small details of our life
here in Madagascar, in part, because I find myself not reading the small
details of other’s lives elsewhere. It takes a lot of time to navigate
to a page and read stories about the goings and comings of one person.
It takes even more effort for those who do not have Internet streamed
into their home (sorry Jeremy).

Today… Today we went to Moov to ask if our Internet 3G key was
available. It has been five weeks since we signed a new contract and
there is still no answer from the Internet provider on why we cannot
have our key. This is Madagascar; Others would say, “This is Africa.”
…and while things are done here completely different from my own
culture, it’s their way. So I have a saying about life here in Mada:
“Its a slow roll…”

Its a slow roll when I…

* go to the bank and must wait in line for an hour because their are
50 people in line and two tellers.
* grow impatient in the bank line, go to the ATM instead to find
there is only $100 in the machine.
* go to the grocery store (at least we have one – I know) and wait
for them to run my card while everyone stares at me with the
atrocious amounts of food I’m buying.
* walk down the street and constantly must say “No, thank you” to
the incessant street vendors who follow me as I’m walking.
* give a days notice that we want lasagna from their menu and arrive
for dinner to find there is none.
* want a piece of furniture but I must wait one month for the wood
to dry and a second month for them to make it.
* begin a conversation with a Malagasy man and he begins speaking
French to me.
* try to explain that I’m not French, but American.
* try to explain that I’m not a tourist, but live in their town,
near their school.

…many have come to Madagascar with the mindset that they must change
the people’s ways, their beliefs. While there is some truth in that
statement, that those who meet and decide to follow Jesus will change
their ways and beliefs because of their allegiance to the King, I am
learning everyday that I too must change, not in my allegiance to Jesus
and His commands, but in my mind, in my heart. I must become Malagasy to
the Malagasy; I must love the slow roll…

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  1. This is a really sweet post! I love your transparency and heart for the people=)

    I LOVE to hear about the details of ya'lls every day life!

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