It’s Snowing!!!

Snow 2013


It’s snowing right now! Anna is so excited for the kids to see snow while we are Stateside. Judah is running around trying to catch it. Anjara is trying to catch it on her tongue and eat it. Nothing it sticking yet so we are waiting for the chance to make a snow man. The hope is to make a snowman taller than Anjara. We don’t have buttons or a carrot so we need to run out to the store now before the roads get bad. Maybe we should get a pipe and a top hat too. That would make the snowman complete.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



One thought on “It’s Snowing!!!

  1. So glad you all got to see and play in the snow! We’re praying for you all, and excited to hear how God moves in the next couple of months. Have a great, Christ filled Christmas! – Carl & Paula from Powell TN.

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