Kenya Friends

Our two weeks in Kenya is over… Tim finished both of his classes and is six hours closer to finishing his Masters. While in Kenya Tim not only attended classes and took tests, but also we had the opportunity to visit with friends.

This is Sandra! We were at training together before our deployment. We also went to 40/40 in Zambia together. Though she serves in East Africa, it was a surprise to see her in Kenya at the same time we were there. Judah LOVES
hanging out with Sandra.

Here’s Judah having some time to himself playing with his trucks.

So Tim decided to join the fun!

The Wallers serve in Tulear, Madagascar among the
Mahafaly people in the south.

Judah and Eli love playing together.

More friends who we were able to catch up with!

2 thoughts on “Kenya Friends

  1. It's beautiful there! I can feel your joy just by looking at your photos. Judah is getting so big! Praying for you guys as you continue to serve Jesus.

  2. Love the pictures! Judah looks like one happy little guy…and you and Tim look great. We continue to pray for you often.

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