Kenyan Giraffe & Elephant Park

While Tim was in class, Judah and Anna took a day-trip to the Kenyan giraffe park. They met Daisy, the giraffe, who enjoyed having her picture taken and getting a yummy treat from local visitors. Daisy was one of the taller and older giraffes in the park. She was very friendly. Visitors at the park climbed to the second level of the observation hut to feed the giraffe.

The giraffe park was one of Judah’s favourite adventures. He cackled in laughter at the tall, magnificent creatures that God so uniquely created. Judah had no fear when it came time for him to feed the giraffe. He laughed as the giraffe licked the food out of his hand. Judah then said “more, more, more”. The giraffes are definitely Judah’s favourite new animal.

During our animal adventure day, we also visited the Kenyan elephant park. The park rescues and protects baby elephants. Judah enjoyed watching the elephants parade a few feet in front of him. Judah’s eyes became big as the elephants flapped their ears and made noises with their trunks.

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  1. Wow – awesome opportunities to see the animals!! The zoos here in the states won't be nearly as fun now for Judah, will they?? Great photos!! Way to go Tim on your classes!!

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