Lost in Ankazotsara

A sampling of answers from our questions about the Holy Spirit in Ankazotsara…

So God does not live in houses built by the hands of men (Acts 7:48). Where does the Holy Spirit live?

  • He lives in me but when I do something bad he goes to live in you.
  • He lives in everyone in the whole world.
  • He lives in those who believe.

Clearly, even in our group of faithful attenders each week, there is much to be revealed to the people of Ankazotsara by God’s Spirit. Pray the blinders are taken off, that they would have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth. Praise God for Lolo [Low-low] who is a believer in Ankazotsara and a testimony to the power of the gospel to transform a person from death to life.

One thought on “Lost in Ankazotsara

  1. Praying for this group of faithful attenders, for Lolo, and for you guys as you share God’s word with them. I can only imagine the joy of getting to help these lost people hear the Word and to be able to answer some of their many questions biblically. We love you guys.

    I hope that you guys were able to buy ice cream, and that it was delicious.

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