Lost in My Work

Today is an office day. Tomorrow will be one too. Office days feel like spans of my life I will never get back. I must complete the final evaluation for the BGR distribution, two expense reports, write a budget for 2013, and resist the temptation to shuck it all and go fishing on the river.

Anna and the kids are enjoying time with family. Anjara just finished her antibiotics and Judah just started. They remain Stateside until April 26 then start their journey home to Mada. I am trying to keep the house “breathing” for their return so there will be no mold.

Please Pray:

– for our health as we are still in transition.
– for our safety as we drive for ten hours, fly for 18 hours, fly another 3.5 hours, drive another ten hours…
– wisdom; we have many decisions to make about what to stock, where start new work, how to effectively disciple, begin a 4k program for Judah…

thanks to everyone who comes to read and know how to carry us in prayer.

2 thoughts on “Lost in My Work

  1. Asking for good transitions and peace for you all through the distance from each other, and extremely excited about your use of “shuck it all.” 🙂

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