Making Disciples using SD Cards in Radios

Tim is developing material for a church leadership class this week. The goal is to write the lessons to be used with literate and illiterate believers. It has been challenging to write the lessons in a less-than-technical fashion and in transcript-format so that the lessons can be printed and used in a class for literates or read for recording to distribute on an SD card for illiterates. We chose to pursue the SD card idea because many of the believers already own radios that read SD, mini-SD or micro-SD cards using their own batteries. We are leapfrogging the idea of solar-powered proclaimers that cost $60+/unit to put the burden of radio and batteries on the disciple in an attempt to avoid some level of dependency. The SD card may be sold to the disciple at a subsidized cost, but not given for free. Tim will teach the class to the leaders then give them the recordings on SD card for them to review over a given time. An oral defense of the faith may serve as a way to conclude the leadership training.

The AKZ believers are choosing leaders this Sunday (Tim will not be there). Those chosen leaders will enter the class which may span over several weeks or be crunched into several consecutive days, teaching two lessons a day. Please Pray:

  • For God to give us wisdom as a we write, translate and record the leadership development lessons.
  • For God to give the AKZ believers wisdom and a discerning spirit as they choose leaders in keeping with biblical qualifications.