Mamintina = to summarize

It has been another crazy week here in the rainforest with meetings, pumping water from the river to our house, wrestling through dependency issues with our workers, trying to balance how to care for a widow and an orphan in the absence of an established body of believers to care for them, and filling out endless health forms in preparation for our 2013 Stateside. Even summarizing this week here is tiring…

We are returning to the States June, 2013 but we have to start preparing now for housing, travel, medical clearance, etc. The goal is to not get “senior-itus” becoming so focused on Stateside that we ignore the work here – there is much to be done here.

Another thing we are looking forward to for 2013 is the hope of another family joining the work here in the rainforest. There are almost one million Tanala in this forest and we are only effectively discipling about 25. Our hope is that another church planter would join the work and begin evangelism and discipleship in new areas.

Please pray:

  • for rain to fill our cistern.
  • for the believers to be bold, leaving me behind, and sharing their faith solo.
  • for our family to have moments each week to decompress from cross-cultural living.




3 thoughts on “Mamintina = to summarize

  1. Hey Ana and Tim. We are praying for you. Also, we will pray for new workers to join you.

    We understand many of your frustrations. We’ve struggled with water issues lately as well. We’ve been making water runs many days with Jerry cans. Thank The Lord for a truck, though.

    Sounds like y’all are doing a great job. Ana, please call or email anytime.

    In His Love,
    April Mitchell

  2. Just spent some time praying specifically for these requests. Keep working diligently on what God has you there to accomplish and stay away from Senioritis!! Finish this season strong. We love you guys and believe in your family!

  3. praying here for all your request. God be with you all and keep you strong and healthy in His loving gracefull hands. Birthdays happy ones coming up sending the best to you love and hugs mom

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